Toussaint alone, is a walking party, has Louisiana running through her veins, and a voice as big as Texas!  Add that with talented band members and you're guaranteed a good time!


Toussaint recently celebrated the release of her award winning Documentary and Album titled "American as Bean Pie" 


Self-described as "an actual Black country singer from the 'hood in Chicago," Englewood-raised recording artist Liz Toussaint has wrestled with labels all her life. A Muslim born to Nation of Islam parents, she found herself ostracized after 9/11, prompting her to take her current name from her great-grandmother. After several years searching for a musical identity, she discovered a liberating authenticity in country music, but her convention-defying crossover initially encountered resistance from both sides of the line. Toussaint's autobiographical first film is an impressively substantial and insightful account of her personal and musical evolution, forging a quintessentially American identity out of diverse roots and influences.


was born and raised in the inner city of Chicago. Listening to country music was her little secret, as it was not common in the Englewood area....(and urban communities alike.).  Her passion for music lead her to singing with soulful girl groups in her teen years, but as a solo artist she decided to no longer ignore the music she loved.  She is the real deal says Kenneth Wright (Nashville writer/Tim McGraw).  Toussaint has written, arranged and produced her current project titled My name is Liz.  


After opening for Comedian Cedric the Entertainer to a standing ovation, Liz is quickly gaining a reputation for being a hard act to follow. She comes from a bloodline of great talent as she is related to Allen Toussaint who has written, arranged, produced and played piano for many of the best New Orleans R&B records ever made.  Mr. Toussaint said: I think what you are doing is Grand.


As the only black female country artist from Chicago, Liz is without question a rarity. Her witty personality comes alive on stage as she gives her audience a peek into her life as an inner city teen, uncharacteristically listening to country music.  The Chicago Tribune found her story to be so interesting, they published a full page on her life in June of 2009 titled City Born, Country Drawn.



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